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We create clarity on healthy eating and the optimum human diet. Find out how to improve your sleep quality, get the most out of your workouts, as well as the latest hacks to give you an edge in every facet of your life.


We aim to bridge the gap between the latest science and the mainstream. Discover the latest advances in research, biohacking and evolutionary wisdom through our videos, articles and products, so that you can adopt a few small changes to optimise your health.

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Our mission is to help you adopt small hacks to improve your life, so that you can perform better, live healthier and unlock your energy.

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We bring you the latest information, science, supplements and technology to optimise your performance at work, at the gym and in the bedroom.

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Martin Tobias, CEO of Upgrade Labs shares the ONE thing that has the biggest impact on his focus and energy.
Can we just sleep when we’re dead? Dan Pardi unveils the dangers of consistent sleep deprivation.
Do you understand where your energy comes from? – Mitochondria explained

You know it only takes a few small changes to have profound impacts on your mind, body and energy.

Your time, energy and focus are precious. Without them you just cannot do what you do. Brilliance, effectiveness and success depend entirely on how you focus your energy and use your time.

Yet, the majority of the foods we eat and and the way we live depletes our energy—rather than increasing it. We will show you how to easily adapt your lifestyle to optimise your mind and body and elevate your energy to another level.

Nothing is more valuable than your energy.

Is sitting the new smoking?
What is Paleo Diet?
Can we influence how we feel by changing our posture?
Vegetable Oils are more dangerous than smoking!

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How to improve focus and relaxation through activating your Endocannabinoid System?
Can you achieve in ALL areas of your life while maintaining your health?
What should a human eat?
Benefits of Blue Light Blocking Glasses Matt Maruca, Co-founder of Ra Optics
Benefits of Red Light Therapy
Cryotherapy for Jetlag

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