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Biohacking tips for business people Martin Tobias

Biohacking tips for business people Martin Tobias

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • How Martin discovered meditation, as a serial tech entrepreneur & venture capitalist (00:30)
  • The problem with the ‘time/reward’ relationship of meditation (02:20).
  • Martin’s discovery on how to hack meditation through listening to a podcast with Dave
    Asprey (02:50).
  • Martin’s realization that technology can change the time/reward relationship in mental and
    physical fitness that lead to making this accessible to more people. (05:20)
  • Martin’s personal and business benefits from adding meditation into his daily routine
  • Tools that can help you meditate more efficiently (07:20)
  • The different brain wave states achieved during meditation and transitioning from a
    sympathetic dominant state to a parasympathetic state, where you are more resilient to
    handle stressful situations. (07:30)
  • Sleep tracking devices, advice on the different sleep stages. (09:
  • Factors that affect the quality of sleep. (10:30)
  • Supplements for sleep. (12:10)
  • Martin’s diet and experimenting with the carnivore diet. (13:15)
  • Being in ketosis provides enhanced cognitive function. (14:50)
  • The effects of having a ketone ester on ketone levels. (17:40)
  • Nicotine for cognitive enhancement & a different view on its effects. (19:05)
  • Some other supplements Martin takes. (21:10)
  • More hacks Martin uses to optimize is physical fitness. (22:30)
  • Martin’s one change for better energy & focus. (25:40)

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“That’s a real hack: the [same] benefits in less time!”

“Any CEO that I investigate has to meditate.”

“Meditation is the number one tool to build resilience.”

“It’s not about how you compile on more stress; it’s about how well you recover.”

“The key to good sleep is to get efficient sleep, not necessarily more hours in bed.”

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