Vegetable Oils are More Dangerous than Smoking

Vegetable Oils are Unhealthy, Interview with Dr. Chris Knobbe

Vegetable Oils are Unhealthy, Interview with Dr. Chris Knobbe

In this episode you’ll learn:

  • The biggest threat to our health (01:15)
  • What makes these fats ‘unhealthy’ to us? (02:50)
  • How processed, vegetable oils are strongly correlated to the high rates of metabolic diseases today. (05:20)
  • What happens in the body when we consume damaged fats? (07:05)
  • How our mitochondria are negatively affected by these fats and how this affects our energy.
    The functioning of our mitochondria is so fundamental to our health. (13:50)
  • What to look out for in a supermarket and on labels of foods. (20:20)
  • French fries vs smoking cigarettes – what’s worse? (25:10)
  • How can we get government to shift and start to promote healthy foods? (Hint: Vote with your wallet!). (31:30)
  • One piece of advice from Chris to improve your health. (35:10)

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“It is the man-made, processed, nutrient deficient, toxic foods that are the problem.”

“The way to avoid that [the unhealthy effects of processed fats], is to get back to the animal fats”

“When we replaced the healthy animal fats with vegetable oils, we got sick.”

“These fats create mitochondrial dysfunction.”

“The processed food diet sits at the epicenter [of ill health], and that leads to catastrophic disease.”

“When we consume these oils, they don’t leave our body that day, they become us.”

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