Avoid burn out in the corporate world with Alex Fergus

Biohack corporate burnout

Biohack Corporate Burnout with Alex Fergus

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • What lead Alex Fergus to leave banking and delve into the world of biohacking and health
    optimization. (00:30)
  • Key health optimizing recommendations for those working in the corporate world:
    • protecting your eyes blue-blocking glasses (01:10)
    • following the ketogenic diet (02:35)
    • using nootropics for memory and cognition (04:30)
    • get outside in sun light and stay physically active during the day (06:00)

Links & resources mentioned in this episode:


“I literally burnt out. I took things into my own hands and started researching health and wellness.”

“[The corporate world has] this mentality of ‘push through it, push through it’. It’s kind of sad,

“For someone in the corporate world, the ketogenic diet can be a useful tool or trick!”

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