Ricky Warren Explains How We Can Avoid Back Pain

Avoid back pain after sitting at a desk

Avoid back pain after sitting at a desk | Interview with Ricky Warren

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • We are asymmetrical human beings but training symmetrically can help us address our
    imbalances. (00:50)
  • What we can learn from our ancestors in terms of movement. (01:45)
  • How we have developed this forward head syndrome (or ‘text neck’) from our modern day
    lives and how we can treat this. (03:35)
  • Another dysfunction we have developed: upper crossed syndrome and how the fascia in our
    body plays a role in this. Plus, some simple exercises we can do to improve this poor
    posture. (05:54)
  • Ricky explains the anti-ageing movements of the spine and demonstrates two exercises to
    promote spinal health. (09:00)
  • Ricky demonstrates two exercise to stretch out the hip flexors. (12:35)

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“Imbalances are the major cause of dysfunction which turns into injury.”

“We need to be able to hold ourselves in a certain position subconsciously, and that takes training of
the nervous system.”

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