The Replenisher: Refreshing Drink

The Recipe

This refreshing drink will kick start your mornings. It includes all of your essential electrolytes and tastes amazing too!


  • water
  • ice
  • magnesium citrate powder or magnesium glycinate, malate, turcate or threonate
  • basil leaves (for potassium)
  • lemon or lime


Stir up and enjoy!


Step outside into the morning sunshine and get your bare feet in contact with the ground while you sip your electrolyte replenishing tonic. Why? Because getting outside barefoot exposes you to natural light, fresh air and grounding from the earth—resetting your circadian rhythm. Our Palaeolithic ancestors would have been outside and active immediately on waking—this signals to our bodies that it is time to wake up, hunt and gather!

Now that you have sufficiently hydrated and re-mineralised your body, if you are impartial to caffeine then enjoy a coffee…but not any kind of coffee. We recommend fat coffee or bulletproof coffee (if you are a follower of Dave Asprey).

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