Hidden Blessings of Lock Down with Ricky Warren

“It (the lock down) is a big wake up call to people who have been distracting themselves.”

I had the pleasure of interviewing Ricky Warren, Biomechanics Specialist, Yogi and Guinness World Record Holder about how we can better handle our mood during this period of self-isolation.

Ricky eloquently highlights that the lockdown is a ‘big wake up call to people who have been distracting themselves’ and that we need learn how to sit with ourselves and be content without requiring constant validation and engagement with other people.

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • How is Ricky Warren dealing with the lock down? Has his routine changed? (3:12)
  • Do we need disciplined routines? (4:51)
  • Taking care of your mental health (5:42)
  • How can you avoid anxiety in these times of the pandemic? (6:57)
  • Understand yourself better and how to produce self-love (8:58)
  • How to use what you have within you (10:05)
  • How can people who have no meditation experience alleviate some stress/worry/anxiety in just a few minutes? (11:04)
  • Can our emotions be easily manipulated? (16:27)
  • Avoid being swept up in fear (17:07)
  • 3 steps to optimise your body and increase your immunity  (22:22)
  • How to avoid over eating/snacking and stop compulsive eating (26:33)
  • Curveball Question: Ricky’s obstacle that helped shaped him(33:07)

Links & resources mentioned in this episode:


“You have everything you need. You’re just distracted”

“It’s a balance between being gentle in yourself but also doing for yourself what is best for you.”

“People Dismiss a lot of different things but the fact is if you’re sitting there right now and you’re in anxiety or you’re nervous or you’re in turmoil, this is a big wake up call that you have to learn how to sit with yourself. How to be content with yourself, how to produce self-love and not to need other people to feel good about yourself.”

“It (the lock down) is a big wake up call to people who have been distracting themselves.”

“You can create balance, prosperity, happiness and ease of the body. All these things that come from this thing that we have here inside.”

“If you’re getting anxious from not being able to see your friends and you’re anxious about work or maybe you might lose your job; If you’ve got big things like that I wouldn’t worry too much about comfort eating. It’s the least of our worries right now. But if most of your ducks are in order and you’re comfort eating then that’s one thing you might have some space to work on.”

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