Become your own Personal Health Detective with Dr. Anna Cabeca

“Awareness is key. Awareness allows us to flourish in our health.”

I was thrilled to interview Dr. Anna Cabeca, a powerful health advocate for women, gynecologist, obstetrician, best-selling author, supplement formulator and a really good friend, too. 

Dr. Anna Cabeca explains what drives her as a businesswoman and the hardships that inspired her to build her health empire. She advises that we should all become our own ‘Personal Health Detectives’ in order to figure out the influences which contribute to either increasing our health and energy or depleting them. 

You will learn how to promote alkalinity in your body to boost your immunity and the difference between the acidic ‘Dirty Keto’ and alkalinising ‘Green Keto’ diet. 

Links to Dr. Anna Cabeca’s books: The Hormone Fix and Keto Green 16 as well as Dr. Anna’s Keto Calculator.

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • What drives and inspires Dr. Anna to trailblaze in women’s  health (1:12)
  • With so many responsibilities, Dr. Anna gives us tips on her time management routine (2:22)
  • What is Oxytocin? And how can it help your immunity? (3:45)
  • What is a personal health detective? (4:54)
  • How can you become your own personal health detective? (6:59)
  • Dr Anna explains the difference between an alkaline and an acidic body (8:55)
  • How Dr. Anna Cabeca and her daughters are coping with this lockdown period (22:10)
  • The biggest curveball of Dr. Anna Cabeca has encountered and the mindset that enabled her to overcome it (25:26)

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“Always speak to the one, versus the millions and knowing and hearing feedback from people of how my work has transformed their lives or their family, their relationships and certainly their health and all that is so important to them. When I hear that, that drives me even more.” 

“When you’re doing what you love, you’re never working.”

“We have to take our power back over our health”

“It’s our responsibility for ourselves and for our family what we do take on and what we don’t. Whether that’s the chemicals, GMOs, the toxins, the vaccines whatever it may be we have that choice and we need to keep it a choice. As well as like how do we understand what’s working for us and working against us.”

“Test, don’t guess. What’s measured gets managed.” 

“Awareness is key. Awareness allows us to flourish in our health.”

“Higher alkaline urine ph is scientifically associated with improved stronger bones, decreased risk of diabetes, hypertension, high blood pressure, metabolic syndrome, heart disease, and cancer.” 

“The more acidic you are, the more susceptible you are to viruses.”

“Facing that and just knowing that, I just need to make the next right step. How do I serve? What do I need to do to succeed?”

“Recognise that I am relying on myself and the tools that I have. Each of us have unlimited capacity, capabilities and giftings” 

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