Sara Aguuilar

Sara Aguilar

MSc Anthropology, Sports Nutritionist & Supplement Advisor, Independent Business Owner, Health Writer, Interviewer & Key Note Speaker

  • Passionate about fitness, nutrition and ancestral living.
  • Public Health Collaboration Ambassador, Speaker and Editor. Co-Founder of LIV NRG, Founder of Keto Supplements.

Sara set up Keto Supplements to source supplements and products to alleviate her husband’s epilepsy. Keto Supplements is now the leading Ketogenic Food Supplement site in Europe.

David Rossiter

Professional British Publisher, Media Investor and Business Consultant.

  • Commercially launched For Him Magazine (FHM) creating the retail and commercial blueprint for the most successful men’s magazine in UK history.
  • Worked within the senior commercial team at Express Newspapers. The first 7-day commercial operation of its kind in the UK.
  • Consultant to venture capital firms with media investments and consultant to a variety of different European businesses with media and publishing assets.
  • Co-Founder of LIV NRG
  • Launch Director at Salehurst Paper Plc, specialist paper broker to the UK and European magazine and newspaper industry. The company was eventually fully listed on the UK stock market with a market capitalisation of over £40m. Sold to venture capital investment.
  • Purchased the majority shareholding of Hand Media International in 2001.
David Rossiter