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Is sitting the new smoking?
Be careful what you eat: Vegetable Oils can be more dangerous than smoking.

Feeling superhuman is not the reserve of elite athletes and biohackers. You are here to optimise your physical energy, cognitive focus and to feel fully alive.

The predominant causes of mental fatigue, brain fog, erratic moods and fluctuations in energy are caused by our food and environment. We are consuming foods that deplete our energy and taking stimulants that are so excitatory on our nervous system that they prevent us from getting restorative sleep at night.

How artificial light drains our energy. Why you should consider blue light blocking glasses.
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‘Where you are going to spend your time and energy is the one of the most important decisions you get to make in your life’ 


Spicy Fat Coffee: A Fiery Kick on the Classic Bulletproof Coffee

The Spicy Fat Coffee Recipe Always have fat with coffee to prevent blood sugar fluctuations that result from the cortisol release triggered by caffeine consumption. Ingredients freshly brewed tea or coffee a tablespoon of butter or ghee a tablespoon of MCT Oil Instructions Allow your freshly brewed tea or coffee to cool slightly or add […]

Ricky Warren Explains How We Can Avoid Back Pain

Avoid back pain after sitting at a desk Avoid back pain after sitting at a desk | Interview with Ricky Warren In this episode, you’ll learn: We are asymmetrical human beings but training symmetrically can help us address our imbalances. (00:50) What we can learn from our ancestors in terms of movement. (01:45) How we [...]

How artificial light drains our energy

Benefits of blue light blocking glasses Matt Maruca, co-founder of Ra Optics Benefits of blue light blocking glasses Matt Maruca, co-founder of Ra Optics In this episode, you’ll learn: What the Light Diet is all about & how light can fix our cellular ‘engines’. (00:35) How humans are not getting enough natural light & the [...]


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