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“Westerners overeat, crash from skipping meals, boost energy with sugar and caffeine, hen wonder why they can’t function or sleep well. High stress and sedentary living round out the perfect recipe for brain degeneration.”

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Protect the Asset. The mind is your most valuable asset. 

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Optimise Your Productivity & Focus: 11 Sterling Strategies to GSD

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Spicy Fat Coffee: A Fiery Kick on the Classic Bulletproof Coffee

The Spicy Fat Coffee Recipe Always have fat with coffee to prevent blood sugar fluctuations that result from the cortisol release triggered by caffeine consumption. Ingredients freshly brewed tea or coffee a tablespoon of butter or ghee a tablespoon of MCT Oil Instructions Allow your freshly brewed tea or coffee to cool slightly or add […]

Optimise your sleep and track your recovery with an Oura Ring | LIV NRG Interview with Petteri Lahtela

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