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Ra Optics Popp is great for blocking artificial light which destroys our melatonin, sleep, and health.

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Ra Optics Popp

Ra Optics Popp is great for blocking artificial light which destroys our melatonin, sleep, and health…

Why Ra Optics Popp glasses are the best

They Truly Work

Our lenses have been proven to specifically target the harmful frequencies emitted by phones, computers, screens and LED lights. You may have seen clear lens blue blockers, sometimes called “computer glasses”. Unfortunately, these do not block the same specific, dangerous frequencies of light emmited from screens or lights that ours do and are simply a marketing gimmick.

Technology for Day and Night

The most important function of Artificial Light Glasses is to protect our sleep, because artificial light destroys our melatonin level, sleep quality, and overall health. We offer separate glasses for day and night use. While others are only focused on selling lenses that are as clear as possible, we offer night lenses that block all blue and green light wavelengths in order to protect your eyes, sleep, and health.

Fashion and Function

Ra Optics was founded because we believe that you shouldn’t have to sacrifice style for results. So, we put the most effective lens technology into the most attractive frame styles to date. All of our frames are made from top quality materials, including ultra-lightweight TR90 and plant-based cellulose acetate.

About Natural Stacks

Natural Stacks is proud to partner with practitioners around the globe to provide natural Open Source solutions for mood, memory, and focus.

From functional medicine providers in California, to Anti-Aging leaders in Florida, and naturopaths in Spain, clinicians Worldwide trust Natural Stacks’s science-backed formulas to help them support the mental wellness of their clients.

Meet the Natural Stacks Practitioner Partners, a network of health and wellness experts leading the natural mental health movement. Together, we are on a mission to build a billion better brains.

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