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Rokit Pods Coffee is a carefully blended coffee with added CBD, bringing together the flavours from central America and Africa.

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Rokit Pods Coffee

Rokit Pods Coffee – a carefully blended coffee with added CBD, bringing together the flavours from central America and Africa.

WHAT’S IN THE POD – Organic ground coffee arabica robusta blend + full spectrum (0% THC) water soluble cannabidol (CBD). To find out more about these CBD pods, see the CBD info page.

We work very hard to find the best locally sourced ingredients, ethically farmed by local people from all over the world. Inside every pod is a whole world of flavour and goodness for you to enjoy.

Enjoy the amazing benefits and health properties they provide – and remember:

RokitPods = SuperPods!

WATER SOLUBLE CBD – Using high quality full spectrum water soluble CBD, helps ensure the CBD we state does end up in your coffee. There is 5mg of CBD per pod. See here for more information about water soluble CBD.

SIMPLE, CONVENIENT SINGLE SERVE – For a lovely cup of CBD coffee whenever you want, simply pop one of these into your nespresso machine, turn on, and its done.

Start your day with this energizing beverage!

Getting The Best From Your Rokit Pod Capsules & Your Machine

Here are some useful tips and information to help you have the best experience using Rokit Pods capsules in your machine.

Check your machine is compatible

Our Nespresso compatible capsules work with the majority of the traditional common domestic Nespresso machine, which take the trade mark type of Nespresso capsule.  These include machines from ranges; Pixie, Creatista, Expert, Inissia, Kitchen Aid, Prodigio, CitiZ, Essenza, Lattissima, U-series, Maestria

Give the pod a quick shake

As you put the pod into the machine, just give it a quick shake. Sometimes the product in pod may agglomerate slightly due the natural characteristics of some of these quality organic products, so a quick shake ensures they are ready to give the perfect drink.

Take care lining up the pod

Compatible pods can be shaped slightly differently to Nespresso-branded capsules, so the main thing is to take your time inserting the pod, and make sure that it’s lined up precisely in the machine.

Don’t force it…

If the machine doesn’t close easily don’t force it down, but check the pod has lined up correctly.

…but, press firmly

We found you may need to press the capsule lever more firmly than with a Nespresso pod.

Empty used pods & recycle

Don’t forget to empty the container of used capsules frequently – an overfull pod bin might stop new capsules loading correctly. The pods are recyclable, so please empty any product remaining in the pod into food waste and then put the pod into the recycling bin.

Keep your machine clean

It is important to keep your machine clean, descaled and free from calcium.  It is recommended to regularly clean your machine through with an approved anti-scale product, or citric acid.  This will ensure the components of the machine are performing as required for piercing the lids and providing the correct water flow.

Pod storage

The capsules will keep at their at their best when they are kept away from strong drafts, damp places, and heat sources.


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