Superfoodies | Organic Black Maca Powder | 100g


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Superfoodies Black Maca Powder

Superfoodies Black Maca Powder– a source of protein and calcium

Superfoodies Black Maca Powder is made of pure Black Maca root that grows at 3 500 feet. Popular with the local population of the Peruvian Andes, it is an excellent source of protein and calcium and has a rich, malty taste.

Product benefits

  • 100% organic
  • Vegan & raw
  • Use only 1 teaspoon per day in juice, water, on your breakfast or in a smoothie
  • Suitable for vegetarians, vegans, rawfood enthusiasts and people following a kosher diet
  • Rich, malty taste


Add 1 teaspoon Black Maca powder daily to water, juice, smoothies or your breakfast bowl.


Mother Nature has done the leg work, we simply package the results, that is the Superfoodies slogan. It is a superfoods brand for anyone who wants to be fit and follow a healthy lifestyle. Superfoodies believes in the power of nature. All Superfoodies products are unprocessed, not heated above 42 degrees (rawfood) and certified organic. Superfoodies are transparent about the origins of our products, we choose sustainable, ethical suppliers and are open about the ingredients that we choose.

Amount and dose

Add 1 teaspoon Black Maca powder daily to water, juice, smoothie or your breakfast bowl

Did you know?

  • Tip: You can also drink it in warm mixtures, like for instance, in combination with Superfoodies Hot Choccie
  • Keep in a dry place in a well-sealed container
  • In powder form and therefore easy and convenient to use
  • Use it as you like: in juice, water, smoothie, on oats or in (plant-based) yoghurt
  • At one time in Peru, Maca was so valuable that it was used as a payment method and people paid their taxes with it
  • In 1979, it was found that Maca was no longer grown in Peru and was in danger of extinction. Thanks to the efforts and studies of one of the most respected Peruvian biologists, there is once again interest in Maca and it is becoming a key player in the worldwide superfoods market
  • In the times of the Inca, Maca was given to warriors before they went into battle, to keep them alert and give them inexhaustible energy and strength. Once they had conquered a town or area, they were not allowed any more Maca for the sake of the women in the conquered area.


100% organic Black Maca powder


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